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Netta Maxi Litter Box

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This stylish cat litter box with a high backrest offers plenty of space for your cat and comfort for both you and your pet. The litter box is closed and the integrated filter offers protection from all unpleasant odors. The small board at the entrance makes it easy to get in and out. For easy cleaning, the hood with the swinging front door can easily be opened upwards. A practical carrying handle is integrated for transporting and moving the toilet.

- Dimensions L x W x H: 66 x 49 x 50 cm
- Height from the ground to the entrance about 17cm
- Extra spacious litter box, ideal for large cat breeds such as the Maine Coon
- With a step for easier entry and exit
- The high back wall and the special protective edge keep the filler and waste in the toilet
- The height of the toilet allows cats to comfortably stand in an "upright" position while using it
- Easy and convenient to clean
- The toilet comes complete with an activated carbon filter and a cleaning blade

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